GECCO Biotech

The biotechnology-oriented research institute GBB at the University of Groningen houses many top-notch scientists. In particular, the group of Prof. M.W. Fraaije (research group Molecular Enzymology) excels in research on discovery and engineering of redox enzymes while the group of Prof. D.B. Janssen (research group Biocatalysis and Biotransformations) is expert on a complementing selection of enzymes, such as dehalogenases, hydrolases and lyases. Publications of these two groups can be found in many renowned journals and they are highly cited and well known in the field of enzyme engineering. Extensive publications record clearly indicate large number of newly discovered and improved enzymes which altogether serve as a scientific basis for proposed initiative with a commercial purpose:

Groningen Enzyme & Cofactor Collection (GECCO).

Our Vision

Striving towards development of green processes many researchers both in academia and in industry are working towards new enzyme-based processes for fine and bulk chemical production, feed and food ingredients and APIs. As remarkable as enzymes are when it comes to catalytic efficiency and the vast array of reactions they can catalyze, enzymes remain relatively expensive catalysts due to complicated production and purification procedures. Moreover, specific facilities and trained personnel are needed for their production. As a result, the availability of proper enzymes is often limiting companies that would like to explore new enzyme-based processes. Throughout the past two decades, a large and unique collection of enzymes has been created at the above-mentioned research groups which awaits valorization. Together with the available state-of-the-art expertise on discovery and engineering of enzymes, this provides a strong and unique basis for GECCO.

GECCO is in a unique position on the enzyme market with deep insight of current needs and developments therefore bridging the gap between fundamental research on enzyme structure and function and enzyme application. Tailor made biocatalysts and new processes will be developed to meet needs of customers, including immobilized enzymes to enable multiple use of same batch of enzymes, but also easier control of the process and downstream processing of the obtained products. Translating the accumulated knowledge from academia into practice and into the market is the main innovation that GECCO brings.

Our Team

Prof. Marco W. Fraaije



Dr. Nikola Lončar

Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Hugo L. van Beek

Chief Operating Officer


Dr. Simone Savino

Senior Researcher in Structural Biology

Dr. Caterina Martin

Senior Researcher

Daria Dziura 

Market research intern