GECCO Biotech

GECCO provides inventive insights and solutions for all the parties that are looking to apply biocatalysts. If you have a process idea we perform a feasibility study to determine whether an enzyme can and should be used. We have a unique and diverse portfolio of enzymes spanning different classes and we supply panels of enzymes or completely novel enzymes. We provide improvement of target processes through engineering of enzymes for increased stability, specificity or activity.

Our Vision

As remarkable as enzymes are when it comes to catalytic efficiency and the vast array of reactions they can catalyze, enzymes remain relatively expensive catalysts due to complicated production and purification procedures. Moreover, specific facilities and trained personnel are needed for their production. As a result, the availability of proper enzymes is often limiting companies that would like to explore new enzyme-based processes. Using the state-of-the-art expertise on discovery and engineering of enzymes, GECCO provides desired enzyme quickly and reliably.

GECCO is in a unique position on the enzyme market with deep insight of current needs and developments therefore bridging the gap between fundamental research on enzyme structure and function and enzyme application. Tailor made biocatalysts and new processes are developed to meet needs of customers.

Our Team

Prof. Marco W. Fraaije



Dr. Nikola Lončar

Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Hugo L. van Beek

Chief Operating Officer


Dr. Simone Savino

Senior Researcher in Structural Biology

Dr. Caterina Martin

Senior Researcher

Daria Dziura 

Market research intern