We are Gecco Biotech B.V.

After many years of research and development at the University of Groningen, GECCO is in a unique position to provide novel enzymes and related services.

We built a unique collection of enzymes and cofactors that are now finally available for you.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of our extensive know-how and in-house developed engineering pipeline to help you develop new applications or improve existing enzymes.

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What we can do for you

Our products


GECCO-enzymes and GECCO-cofactors are offered in a stable form (lyophilized)


GECCO-enzymes and GECCO-cofactors are offered as purified products


GECCO-enzymes and GECCO-cofactors are provided ready-to-use


GECCO offers a unique collection of cofactors.

One type of cofactors offered by GECCO are the deazaflavin cofactors.

The natural deazaflavin cofactors, F420 an FO, are notoriously difficult to produce and isolate and are currently only commercially available at GECCO Biotech.

GECCO also offers other flavin cofactor analogs and various enzymes that can be used for cofactor recycling which include:

  • a thermostable NADPH oxidase for recycling NADP+
  • a thermostable flavin reductase for recycling reduced FAD or FMN
  • a glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase to recycle F420
  • a thermostable catalase to recycle hydrogen peroxide into dioxygen and water
  • various dehydrogenase that can recycle NADH or NADPH

Why work with us?

  • 1. Built on accumulated knowledge

  • 2. Extensive know-how in enzyme engineering

  • 3. Wide range of enzymes & cofactors already in portfolio

  • 4. Novel enzyme discovery on demand

  • 5. Enzyme engineering on demand

  • 6. Reliable support! Always ready to troubleshoot with you